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Close Up of A handmade Artisan realistic Waffle Soap with syrup and butter

Realistic Decorative Waffle Soap


♡Choose your Scent!!!

♡This bar of soap is 100% Vegan and made with all-natural ingredients. This Waffle Soap is so cute it looks like a real Waffle with butter and syrup but has the amazing properties of organic vegan soap. This Waffle Soap makes such a cute amazing gift for anyone who receives it. This Waffle Soap is sure to become a hit with anyone who receives it. This bar of soap is 100% soap so you can even wash your body/hands with the little strawberries and It is enriched with organic shea butter. You may also choose your desired scent with this soap!

-This soap is:

♥ Cruelty-free
♥ Organic
♥ 100% Handmade
♥ Synthetic Free
♥ Contains Coconut Oil
♥ Contains Caster Oil
♥ Contains Shea Butter

*Warning: This is NOT food, keep it out of mouth! This is SOAP!
I am not responsible for wrong consumption

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