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Both Beach Gemstone Mosaic Jewelry Boxes Top View on Sand

Beach Gemstone Mosaic Jewelry Boxes


♡Introducing our new Beach Gemstone Mosaic Jewelry Boxes, perfect for the coastal lover in your life. Each box is handmade and features a unique mosaic design made of gemstone beads and natural sand. The jewelry holder provides ample storage for your favorite pieces, while the stainless steel accents and shell and crystal embellishments add a touch of elegance. These handcrafted jewelry boxes are perfect for home goods and home decor, adding a beachy flair to any room. Whether you're a minimalist or a maxamalist, these Beach Gemstone Mosaic Jewelry Boxes are a must-have for any ashore enthusiast.


♡These Beach Gemstone Mosaic Jewelry Boxes are exclusivley created and designed by LifeOnOcean. These Headbands are handcrafted in California made with ethical gemstones and carefully picked and handcrafted crystals.


♡You can choose from a Round Mosaic Jewelry Box and a Rectangular


♡Each Jewelry Box is unique just like our customer but you have the option to have a silver color scheme or a gold one


♡The Rectangular jewelry box is made from metal but the Round jewelry box is made from plastic


These Jewelry Boxes include:

♡Stainless Steel

♡Varying Gemstone crystals







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